Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Fun Fall Pics

It was such a beautiful day today! We had some fun taking pics in the back yard.

I wanted to get her Halloween costume back on and take some more pictures. As indicated in the previous post, she wasn't in the best mood on Halloween, so we took this opportunity to get some happier pics.

Ryan's First Road Trip and Halloween

We took our first road trip with Ryan to Champaign on Halloween weekend. We headed north with Jane to see Bill, Karie and the twins for the holiday. Ryan was excited for her first night away from home.

She even wanted to take a leg...
Once we arrived, Aunt Karie found a nice walker for her to hang out in. You can tell she felt right at home.

Mike got her costume on, but sadly she didn't last long trick-or-treating.

Here are Anneka and Will all dressed up as Snow White and Darth Vader. They had a great time trick-or-treating. When they got back to the house and were going through their loot, Anneka asked everyone, "What would you care to have?" and they shared their candy with us big kids.

Rolling Over...

Ryan started rolling over a few weeks ago. Putting her on her tummy always meant a lot of drooling and screaming, so I only did it once a day. She finally figured out one day how to flip back over without me helping. We are just so proud. Here she goes!!

"Great. On my tummy again. Thanks. Thanks a lot. And you are taking pictures. Fantastic."

"Nope. Hang on. One more try."