Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's all about the hair...

In case you don't see the red when you see Ryan in person, the camera really caught it here...
Baby's first mohawk...

Mommy reading to Ryan. (this has nothing to do with hair but it was a cute pic)

The Neukomm Christmas

We had Bill, Karie and the kids down to celebrate Christmas with them. I caught Will's attention for a moment... Give me your serious face...

Now give me your SURPRISED face...

Now give me your sad face....

too cute.

Ryan got a silly hat from Grammy.

And a cool toy from Granny Helen that is sure to secure her future as a rock star...

Cole and Sonny obviously exhausted from the day

Grammy reading to the twins

New Years Party!

Mike's mom was kind enough to babysit overnight for us for New Years. We were able to get all fancied up and go to Heather and Jeremy's New Years party knowing that our daughter was well taken care of. We had a blast. Doesn't Mike look so handsome?

Jeremy and his party hat

Brian and Sarah

Dan and Juliet

Jeremy pops the bubbly

Aw kissy kissy

Our First Vacation to Florida

For Christmas we took Ryan on her first plane trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa Self! Mike and I were nervous for the plane ride with our 6 1/2 month old daughter, but she did amazingly well. She slept pretty much the whole trip there and back. Phew! Sweet relief! We also brought Mike's mom with us, who has not flown in 20 years! But with the help of dramamine, she too made the trip just fine. We are so proud of our girls!

We made it, and it is warm. Ryan and I playing a little peek-a-boo behind my shades.
Ryan getting ready to take her first dip in the pool.

Welcome to our OOL. Notice there is no P in it. Or is there?

She really loved being in the water with Dad. It was like a giant bath. She did get her face in the water and freak out a little bit, but she recovered and got right back to it!

How freaking cute.

Our first trip to the beach in Venice. Like her Dad, Ryan cannot be without her sunglasses.

Livin' the life...

Round 2 in the pool...New day, new swimsuit (of course).

Finally Christmas morning in Florida. Ryan is so festive!

All the grandparents checking their stuff out... I think my dad has had that robe since I was a kid (or one exactly like it anyway).

Yay! More stuff!!

We are off to a Christmas party at Grandma and Grandpa's friends house (thanks for having us Terri and Kevin!)

Christmas dinner - ah sweet gluttony!
Mom cooked so many great meals while we were there. I blame her for the 7 pounds I gained while on vacation. Thanks Mom!
This is my cousin Tom, his wife Terri and their two girls Courtney and Megan. They live in Beverly Hills FL and drove down to visit. It was great to see them! By the time Ryan is Courtney's age (9 years old), Courtney will be 18!! That was freaking me out.

All the girls on the couch with my Uncle Walter. He and my Aunt Kathy came down to visit too. It was a full house and we had a lot of fun.

Megan and Ryan. The girls really adored Ryan, and equally she adored them. It was super cute.

Mike's half brother Jon lives just south of my parents so we drove down to introduce Ryan to her Uncle Jon.

I think meeting Ryan will insure that Jon will make good choices for awhile. :)

Our time in Florida is up... on our way back home. Too bad - it was really freaking cold when we got back.

It's Christmas!!

And Ryan couldn't be more excited for her very first one! Bring on the cheer!
Our beautiful tree...

We opened a few presents before we traveled down to Florida so we didn't have to schlep everything across the country. Ryan enjoyed the paper far more than the the gifts.

Dad got a ShamWOW! Exciting!!