Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Pics

It's been a tough couple of months. We thought Mike's surgery was going to be the hard part, but that turned out to be just the beginning. The radioactive iodine therapy is doing it's work now and thankfully Mike is back on his thyroid meds. We hope his energy will be back soon and he will be feeling better. The challenge ahead is to get him on the right dose of meds to replicate what his thyroid was doing. I am so blessed to have an amazingly strong husband. Through it all he has still been the greatest Dad to our little girl, and still so wonderful to me. Thanks to everyone for you love and support - we have needed it. I count my blessings everyday.

These pics are in reverse chronological order, but I'm too lazy and tired to fix it.
Enjoy! Me and my girl on Mother's Day, also my 36th birthday. Did I say that out loud?
Ry baby in bed helping me open my cards. Mike should have bought stock in Hallmark.

Ryan on my shoulders. She thought it would be a good place to rest her head I guess.

Look at these cuties. Oh man I love these two. How could you not?

Ryan at the zoo laughing away. Look at those toofers!!!

Avah and Ryan as otters in the children's zoo.

We were checking out the alpacas - she wanted to jump out of my arms and attack them!

Checking out a goat.

Again, looking at a goat - she was pretty excited.

The whole gang (from L to R): Ryan, Heather, Shaina, Elle, Jeremy, Caleb, Jeremy,Avah, Hunter, Jonas, Michelle, Donna. We had a fabulous time at the zoo!

Avah and Hunter sharing a ride.

Look at this gorgeous girl.

I really can't believe how big she is getting! I can't believe she'll be a year old in a month. Stop the clock! It's going by way too fast!
Kiss and hug your loved ones a little extra today.